Make Yourself Visible: Always respond to comments and queries on your postings. It is important that you find other postings on topics related to your niche and comment and provide feedback. If people find your comments and feedback valuable they will follow you and in turn bring more traffic to your postings.

Link to other Social Media:It has never been easier to reach several thousand followers than in the present times, thanks to social media. An effective way to reach a wider base of users is to link all your social media platforms. The sharing button on Instagram will allow you to share all your images on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Reward loyal followers: Good marketing strategy is not all about you but also involving and giving the limelight to your loyal followers and fans. Identify valuable comments, feedbacks,and likes and feature the content of those fans on your Instagram account. This will build a brand loyalty and also motivate the fans to bring in their friends and acquaintances to your post.


Concept-based contests: Contests with the promise of rewards are well-known methods of attracting large numbers to your posts. You can run monthly contest on various concepts; the rules, the rewards,and the timeline are all yours to decide. The contests can be quizzes, games, slogans etc. anything that piques the audience interest. The winning contestant can receive a reward related to your business or niche.


Join hands with influencers:Some users are immensely popular and have a large database of followers. You can start following these bigwigs and even appeal to them to check out your posts. If your products and your presentation are interesting enough you will be looking a huge number of followers because celebrity loyal fans will follow you in hordes.
Be consistent: Another saying that plays a role in promoting business on Instagram is, "Out of sight, out of mind." It is crucial that your business posts pictures ideally on a daily basis to stay in the minds of the customers.

Buy likes and Followers: And if everything else fails, you can buy likes and followers from any of the several online companies that sell likes and followers to boost business on social media. Right from major brands to small family run stores, everyone has benefitted from promoting their business on Instagram. Do not miss out on this opportunity to edge out the competition in your field and make a name for yourself using this potent social media.

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